i'm whitney.i'm 23.i am a psych major.i work for an eco-friendly company that sells renewable energy.a wannabe baker.i love to paint.i love my dogs abby and yoda.i love dreaming about my wedding.i love art.i love glee.i love love stories.i love learning new things.i am fascinated by how our mind works.i love etsy.i love anything old-fashioned.i love cookie dough.i love stripes.i love purple.i love star wars.i love tattoos, but have none, yet.i love to change my hair.i love french bulldogs even though i don't have one.i love to make things.i love pictures.i love my family.my best friends.i love my boyfriend.i love criminal minds.i love animals.i cry a lot.i stress all the time.i love grey's anatomy.i love the shaytards.i am very self conscious.i love jewelry even though i hardly wear it.i love school supplies.im weird.i know it.i don't care.

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This. ❤ #tylerknott #perfect

This. ❤ #tylerknott #perfect

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